Off the Lipped: Nic Von Rupp

December 29 2017

Nic Von Rupp is a big wave surfer from Portugal.

After finding success on the WQS Nic decided to devote himself to chasing the best waves in the world.

Jimmy & Cahill caught up with Nic while he was dockside in Portugal for an enlightening chat with one of the most humble and understated surfers around.

We chat about Nic's exploits chasing waves in Indonesia for his epic movie Reef Road, in addition to his growing reputation paddling into spots like Nazare and Mullaghmore.

We talk about his transition away from the WQS and his origins tackling big waves in Portugal.

An interesting conversation with a surfer that's chosen his own path.

This episode will kiss you where it feels good.


Hayley KruseComment