Your chance to win a pair of Dragon sunglasses each round… overall winner at the end of the season takes home a custom Cory Russell board.

We love Dragon because they use the brand’s voice to promote greater awareness and education of Mental Health in our community. On a recent Mental Team Trip, athletes like Owen Wright and Kehu Butler were encouraged to speak up and spread the word about mental health.


Lipped had it's start as a podcast dedicated to fantasy surfer and while we've grown a little since then we still love nothing better than talking about our teams each pre and post event episode.

And thanks to Dragon you can pick and win in our WSL Fantasy Surfer League.

Join the Dragon x Lipped League at worldsurfleague.com

Use the password: lipped

Winner of each round in the men's league gets a pair of Dragon Sunglasses.

Overall winner at the end of the season will win a custom surfboard from Cory Surfboards.

You can listen to Cory Russell talk about shaping here: https://lippedsurferspodcast.libsyn.com/#c5eXFRiebflu6z3Z.99

Terms & conditions

Prizes include shipping in Australia only

Prizes are for the WSL Mens Fantasy League

Overall winner receives a custom made board from Cory Russell

Board up to 7'0 clear PU with E Glass, up to 5 fins (FCS or Futures). The prize does not include carbon tapes, sprays, channels or other extras. These are available at an additional cost.