Maurice Cole: The Return

February 5 2018

Maurice Cole is an Australia surfer, shaper and cultural icon – he was also our most popular and downloaded guest of 2017.

Maurice recently wrote a somewhat controversial article on questioning the success of Surfing Australia in developing new world title contenders.

Lipped caught up with Maurice to discuss his passion for Australian surfing and why his article was a call to arms rather than direct criticism.   The conversation is made all the more interesting by Cahill’s role as high performance coach with Surfing Victoria and being part of a generation of surfers that was supported by brands rather than the government.

We also chat big wave design and whether Maurice could or would build a quiver for a world title contender in 2018.

Passionate, sometimes controversial and always entertaining – Maurice in full flight is a joy to behold!

This episode will definitely kiss you where it feels good!


Hayley KruseComment