Surf Ranch Pro Preview, Tahiti Pro Review Plus Vaughan Blakey

August 31 2018

Vaughan Blakey is the co-host of the Ain't that Swell podcast.  He is also the former editor of Waves and Surf World Magazines.  Vaughan remains a surf media pioneer, constantly pushing the boundary of how surfing is presented and a fierce advocate of surfing’s cultural fringe.

We chat with Vaughan about his early days in surf media, taking over Waves at 19, the creative community that inspired him and the epic cover mount films Seven Day Seven Slaves and Doped Youth.

Jimmy & Cahill kick off our new Beer with a mate segment by adding former WQS surfer and Hells Bells winner Harry Mann to the conversation.  We look back at the dribble that was Tahiti and look forward to the Surf Ranch Pro.  We've got the format, judging criteria and we'll look at who will and won't make the final.

Plus the Andy movie, QS rants and stories and what mistakes we make when buying boards and fins.

So much surf it hurts fuelled by Rogue Wave Brewing's Salt Lager

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