Off the Lipped: Ted Grambeau December

December 10 2018

Ted Grambeau is one of the most acclaimed photographers in surfing, on hand to capture some of the most iconic moments in the history of our sport.

His passion for adventure and travel made him a perfect fit for the Rip Curl Search and in this episode we dive deep into some of Tom Curren's amazing waves on the early trips.

His longevity and continued relevance have also allowed him to capture multiple generations of surfers from Curren to Slater to Fanning and now to Medina, he offers rare insights into the moments that shaped these surfers.

Well known as one of the true gentlemen of the sport, Ted fits that description perfectly.

A fascinating insight into a lifelong journey following his passion.

Ted's new book "Adventure in Light" can be purchased from or

So surf it hurts and as always fuelled by the legends at Rogue Wave Brewing.


Hayley KruseComment