Off the Lipped: Jesse Adam and Cahill Bell Warren

March 6 2019

The Nudie Australian Boardriders battle has tapped into the passion of grassroots surf culture.

Clubs from all over Australia compete to join some of the worlds best surfers in Newcastle every February where teams battle for prestige and cash.

In 2019 Jesse Adam led Merewether Boardriders Club to victory, defeating teams that included the likes of Joel Parkinson, Wade Carmichael and Macy Callaghan.  

But the weekend is more than just winning and losing.  It's a celebration of boardriders culture in Australia.  Clubs not only foster the next generation of Australian surfers but are often the cultural heart of our coastal communities.

In this episode we discuss the ABB and the broader role of boardriders clubs in Australian surf culture with Jesse and Torquay Boardriders Club president Cahill Bell Warren.

It's so surf it hurts and it's fuelled by the legends at Salt Brewing


Hayley KruseComment