Episode 26: Jake Paterson, Johnny Hawken Live plus Quik Pro France Wrap and MEO Rip Curl Pro Portugal Preview

October 18 2017

A huge episode as Jimmy & Cahill are joined by legendary surfer/coach and one time WSL commentator Jake Paterson to chat coaching some of the best up and coming surfers in the world, being the self proclaimed biggest over achiever in surfing (2 x JBay winner & Pipe Master) and the cultural difference between nights in France now and when he was on tour.

PLUS we are joined by Johnny Hawken who plays "Shades of Blue", the much requested outro song of Lipped, live.

Johnny also joins us to chat the Quiky Pro France, crazy QS rankings and look forward to the MEO Rip Curl Pro

So much surf banter you need to take a bex and have a lie down.

This episode of Lipped will kiss you where it feels good!

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